Everything in moderation!

Everything in moderation

End of week one of 2016, we have all had a lovely Christmas break and our first week of work is done. The only thing now is to NOT get dragged into the January Slump!

I have noticed a lot of people doing dry January and starting their diets. Why do we go at everything with both feet? If we diet, that’s it just salad leaves for 4 weeks! What happens... we become miserable and constantly starving, we start to feel tired and when we eat normal again... we pile everything back on. A good fact to know is your body needs 50-60% of carbohydrates within your balanced diet? Especially if you’re an active person. You can find carbohydrates in most fruit and vegetables for example: all green vegetables, carrots, apples and bananas. Also a good tip, change your bad carbs to good carbs, for example – try sweet potato instead of normal, (sweet potato is one of your five a day) brown rice instead of normal and wholemeal bread instead of white.

Dry January same again, lets deprive ourselves of alcohol for a month then February comes and we drink ourselves into a coma!

Balanced diet - It works, everything in moderation!

I can say this from experience. As a lot of you know I am training for a Marathon and read from many books the best thing to do is not to drink throughout your training. HELLO??!!! This is me, I do love a few wines, so I have now said in moderation. I am not going to go have a skin full or drink during the week but a Saturday after my long run and a week of training, I will treat myself to one or two glasses. I would have def been that person who come April gone mad with the booze, which again is really not great for your body.

Have you noticed when you tell yourself you are not allowed something, you still have it anyway?! This is really not good for your mind set. Just remember everything in moderation and never deprive yourself.

Life is too short... Invest in yourself, treat yourself right, exercise and eat well then hopefully life will be good to you and in return you become a happier you. Positive attitude guys, let’s enjoy and feel great for the start of 2016!