I got HIIT real bad…

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

Build power, speed, and fitness with fast efforts.

During the last 4 month I was spending hours running, training for my marathon. I think I have run myself a little to boredom!

I do still like to include running within my training plan, I have a few half marathons booked, so it is great to keep it up.

Being very busy with work and family I love a quick snappy workout, something that is going to give me the best results without having to train for hours.

Having the knowledge of HIIT style workouts from Metafit (High Intensity Interval Training), the results you can get are off the charts. Plus, I do love that feeling after, it’s so short, just 30 minutes, but you feel like you have been training for ages!

The idea is that 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can deliver the same physiological benefits (such as improved endurance, and reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes) as three hours of long, slow running.

I could not be without it, I am hooked and for good reasons:

  • You will burn more fat – The high exertion your body goes through fires up its repair cycle. This keeps your body burning calories long after you work out is complete.
  • Increase stamina – When you push your limits, you will be able to go longer and harder later on.
  • Lose weight, preserve muscle – When HIIT is mixed with strength training, you maintain the muscle and lose fat!
  • Revved Metabolism – HIIT stimulates production of your human growth hormone, which gives your calorie burn a swift kick into high gear.
  • Short workout times – HIIT is short, sweet and effective, but extremely challenging and gives you results FAST!!
  • Zero boredom – You are constantly changing intensity, which makes the workout anything but boring.

So as you can see, this method of training has a lot going for it.

There are a lot of workouts, gimmicks out there that ask you do to many exercises at once or get you doing way to advanced exercises to early, when in fact simple and stripping it back to basics works the best.

I do also add kettlebells within the HIIT style training, strength and cardio all in one.

Simple, basic, short, sweet and effective workouts that give you the biggest bang for your money. No complicated workouts, what more could you ask for?

Since doing more Interval based workouts, I have noticed when I do get out and run I do feel a lot stronger and get a little faster, keeping at the same pace throughout.

Martin Gibala, Ph.D., a McMaster University researcher states “upping the intensity with short bursts of speed helps your cardiovascular system to get stronger and pushes more oxygen-rich blood through your body. Muscles get better at using that oxygenated blood. Your stride becomes more efficient as coordination between the muscles and nervous system improves. The perks may even extend to reducing your risk for chronic diseases by improving blood sugar control.

So there are benefits all round for HIIT style training. I’m Loving it and so could you!!

I do my Metafit sessions, Tuesday and Thursday evenings as a class and offer Metafit 1 on 1 sessions! Contact me for more details, what you waiting for?