Kettlebell classes


A full-body workout technique using one simple weight.

Working out with kettlebells, those weights that look like cannonballs with handles, is the latest fitness craze and for good reason. A kettlebell workout can provide total-body toning, increased cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and improved posture and balance — without a big time investment.

Kettlebell workouts are great for helping you loose weight and tone up fast. This is because when exercising with a kettlebell, it forces your body to use a wide range of muscles all at once. For instance, when performing a kettlebell swing, you're working the lower body as your centre of gravity constantly shifts, and this extends up through your core, upper body and right to the end of your arms as they work to control the movement of the weight. All these muscles working together burn serious calories.

I love doing my Kettlebell Blast class. People sometimes wonder if 30 minutes is enough, but according to research, in just 20 minutes kettlebells deliver more fat-fighting and body toning benefits than any other exercise, including the treadmill or traditional weight lifting. In just 20 minutes you can burn up to 400 calories!

Kettlebells are great for shaping a lean, toned, and firm physique with a focus on building strength, rather than muscle bulk. They are especially good at working your core, lower back, and glutes.

Benefits of Kettlebell Exercises

There are tons of awesome benefits that come from doing kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells are known to improve overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination while also melting fat and sculpting healthy and lean muscles. Because a kettlebell has an off-set centre of gravity, usually about 6 to 8 inches away from your grip on the handle, it is harder to control. So, any kettlebell exercises are going to require strict and controlled form and body mechanics.

Here are a few other benefits of including kettlebell exercises into your fitness routine:

  • Combines Strength and Cardio
    Perform ballistic exercises that combine strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

  • Improves Functional Strength
    Targets multiple muscle groups that help with everyday tasks and daily life.

  • Compact and Portable
    You only need one or two to train your entire body and they are easy to store away.

  • Fun and Versatile Workouts
    Kettlebell exercises offer a wide range of movements that target every muscle group for a total body workout.

You can join my kettlebells class, or I offer 1-on-1 sessions held in a location of your choice, like your own home – a great option for people with younger children who cannot be left unattended. 1-on-1 sessions cost just £30 each, or £150 for 6 sessions. Contact me for more information.

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