I have worked with a wide range of people, each with different goals and varying levels of baseline fitness. Together, we continue to work toward meeting and exceeding those initial goals on a daily basis. Here are a selection of those journeys toward health, fitness and confidence.

Tricia Ashton

Tricia Ashton

Tricia started with my early morning bootcamp. She joined with her only prior fitness routine being a few small runs a week. Tricia has now completed multiple half marathons and is continuing to progress.

Tricia altogether has lost an amazing 2 ½ stone!

I started Michelle's classes/bootcamp to add something different and to keep me interested in exercise after a few weeks of feeling like I wasn't making progress. The morning bootcamp classes were great fun- felt like a team effort and I really got the bug for regular exercise. PT sessions plus classes after bootcamp finished have kept me going and I haven't got bored of what I'm doing - I (strangely) look forward to it! I never thought that when I started running only 1.5 mile short runs twice a week that I'D complete a half marathon. I'm not a runner and it doesn't come naturally but it has been something I've really enjoyed (especially when I can take one of the dogs with me.) I would definitely recommend Michelle's Classes (and I already have) to anyone wanting a fun way to fit exercise into their busy lives.

Clare Hough

Clare Hough

After birth of my son I steadily put on weight and lost confidence. Luckily a friend recommended I try a couple of Michelle's classes and I have never looked back.

Not only have I lost nearly 3 stones and regained my confidence but more importantly I have made some great friends and learnt to love exercise.

Michelle's classes are welcoming and fun and have turned me from some one who never exercised into a person who has proudly completed her first half marathon.



At 70 years of age, Jim began doing 2 sessions per week of personal training with me. His aim was to feel better about himself by loosing a little weight and to improve at golf. Jim has kindly written in his own words how he has found our PT sessions.

I have always been sports orientated but as the years rolled by the idea of a curry or a good night out became more appealing. This inevitably has led to weight gain and extreme tightening of the trousers so something had to be done. I tried solo efforts at the gym but they can be lonely and boring. I have tried different male Personal Trainers with bodies like Adonis but they seemed to believe I was still young and fit, put me on training schedules which led in some cases to injury and no major improvement in my well-being.

Michelle had been recommended to my wife and she said I should try her. She came to my house for an initial assessment and we agreed a short programme to get to know how it would work between us.

Michelle is different. She actually listens, recognises your limitations and produces a training schedule which is fun and variable but at the same time hard work. My weight loss has not been dramatic but I have lost several inches around my waist, chest, hips and thighs which helped enormously in being able to wear a whole new wardrobe of clothes.



Lynda did 3 sessions a week with me, this is 11 weeks in, amazing results.

Lynda suffered with her thyroid and was going on holiday for Christmas, she showed me an old photo of herself at her consultation of what she wanted to achieve. This was her goal and together we were going to get her there! At the time Lynda suffered with bad knees and pain in her lower back, so to start with we were unable to do any high impact workouts. 11 weeks on and Lynda has noticed a massive improvement, she no longer has pain in her knees when walking up and down stairs, along with her strong core, her back gives her a lot less pain. To now see Lynda smash out a Metafit (HIIT style workout) is amazing, the best part of my job is to see my clients grow fitter and stronger and to see results.

Lynda has so far accomplished:

  • Losing a stone in weight
  • Losing 7 inches from her waist
  • Lowered her body fat percentage to a healthy average
  • Stopped smoking

Jo Farrington

Jo Farrington

I started metafit with Michelle in June 2014. Prior to that, I had been exercising regularly so was starting from a good level of fitness but metafit has helped me take my fitness to a new level. I crazily decided to take up running and had managed to build up to a steady 5k by last summer. Since starting metafit, my 5k pb has come down by 4 minutes (from 29 minutes in July 2014 to 25 minutes in February 2015). Metafit has really helped build my stamina and so I felt able to train for a 10k which I completed in just under an hour in October 2014. I have continued doing metafit with Michelle and somehow ended up getting talked into training for a half marathon! Although I am running now more regularly than before, I am sure that also doing metafit has played a massive part in increasing my speed and strength as I feel able to push myself further every week. In terms of measuring my improvement, I can now run 10k in 52 minutes and am hopeful that I will complete the half marathon in a good time too – or at the very least, make it round in one piece! Michelle is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend metafit to any runners looking for another form of exercise to complement pounding the pavement!

Helen Cambridge

Helen Cambridge

I only started running in my forties and I am not a super fast runner either. I finished my 5th half marathon last week feeling so much stronger and fitter and I'm positive it's down to Michelle's classes. I attend her Metafit class, which is a great class, full of fun and Michelle works you really hard! With it being interval based it gets you working to your full potential at all times, which I'm sure has improved my stamina. Michelle is always so enthusiastic and encourages you all throughout her sessions.

I also go along to her Saturday morning boot camp, which really sets you up for the day. Michelle makes this class different every week and it's full of surprises, you will never get bored!

Michelle is a great instructor, who truly loves her job.

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson

I started going to Michelle's bootcamp in April 2014, I was so impressed with her teaching skills and attitude I joined her metafit classes twice a week as well. She has helped me to lose two stone in weight in that time, I have never felt better and had as much energy as I have now. She makes everyone welcome and caters for all abilities. Thank you so much for putting that spark back into my life. Would recommend her classes to people of any age, size or ability.

Fran Guinee

Fran Guinee

I have been attending Michelle's classes since January 2014. I had not long had my second child only four months previous and was desperate to lose fat and tone up. Within 4 months of going to her classes and eating healthily I had lost two stone. My body shape was changing and my self confidence was growing.

I am getting married in August this year and was keen to lose more fat. My fiancé Jamie was looking to lose fat and build solid muscle. After discussing our goals with Michelle she devised a 12 week program for us both to follow, which included kettlebell, HITT and Circuit based workouts. All she needed from us was commitment and determination as she was going to provide support, expertise and motivation.

Once a week Michelle would come to our house and we would work out in our garden or lounge. Four days a week i would attend her classes and when there wasn't a class i would do my Homework that she provided for us.

The training sessions we did as a couple in our home were fantastic. Each week we used different pieces of equipment and no session was the same. During the One sessions she pushed us to work harder than ever. These sessions were tough but we quickly noticed how much we improved.

During the 12 weeks I ate healthy meals, drank less alcohol and got more sleep. I lost a further 8lb. I also lost 2 inches from my chest and waist and lost 1 inch from my hips.

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is serious about loosing weight and wanting to tone up. She is able to offer a range of classes that suit all abilities. If its hard for you to leave the house then she will come to you. Michelle was always available to offer advice and help and she supported us throughout. Thank you so much Michelle, We thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and will definitely carry on training with you

Jamie Altimimi

Jamie Altimimi

My initial aim was to lose weight and gain both muscle and strength. Having had knee and ankle injuries in the past I needed specific training to avoid these reoccurring.

Michelle has been brilliant at devising sessions for me that have got progressively harder enabling me to gain strength and fitness. In addition, she has assigned me challenging ‘homework’ in order to keep up my fitness levels.

I’d never seen a kettle bell, sand bag or a ‘battle rope’ before but with some great guidance I soon become adept at using all of these. The sessions are a combination of pleasure and pain and the variety of equipment and sessions means that there is little repetition that can lead to boredom.

I’ve not changed my lifestyle entirely and still enjoy a drink or two but make sure that I train regularly and am seeing and feeling the benefit of doing so.

I highly recommend Michelle as she has helped keep me motivated and interested in working out.

Jamie has so far accomplished:

  • Losing 9lbs in total
  • Losing 2 inches from his waist
  • Losing 1 inch from his hips
  • Adding 0.5 inch across his chest and arms


Michelle is a great teacher. She is always very positive and just when you start to tire is there with an encouraging 'energy!!' to kick start you again. The classes are always fun, motivational and due to the fact they run in six week cycles you never get bored. Highly recommended.


An awesome class designed to allow for all fitness levels. Michelle makes sure it fun, challenging but achievable, and the sessions rotate every 6 weeks so there's no chance of boredom. I've loved every block so far and not wanted to finish it, then the next one turns out to be as good!


Your class has helped me to lose weight and tone up. I certainly feel a huge difference in my ability. I love the energy of the class and its great to see all my friends there. I am looking forward to the boot camp and getting closer to a summer body!


Really great way to start the week. All your classes give those troublesome areas a thorough workout. Feel good factor with Michelle Good, Love it!